Sunday, December 26, 2004

Shy Na

Shaina N.C. says " Those who are not featured on Page three are the people who criticize it"

Hey so now even the Page 3 gang has accepted that 99.99999997% i.e 50/4 million people crticize page3. So what should be done, is that a 3 page supplement (you can't have one page called as page3) should be circulated at all the parties about happenings at the last party, so that everyone loves it and the rest of the (4million - page3 junta) don't have to be bothered by it. The rest of the 2 pages can have Lalit Kumar Jain's ads. And like Argentina wanted to retire the No. 10 jersey for Maradona - we could have Page 4 after Garfield in honour of Shaina N.C. for contributing to a very noble cause and helping society progress !


Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Sawai Gandharva - party nightspot?

My head is shaking in admiration. "Only the PTOI could" is the refrain on my lips.

The Sawai Gandharva is the premier Classical event of the year in the city, but little did we know that it was a matchmakers' & youngsters' delight.

From the 13th December (Monday) edition of PTOI, runs this observant report:

Tickets and passes were rare but young hunks did find ways and means to make passes at the beauties of Pune. The eating stall was an area where a lot of socialising was happenning. We are told that each year at least a couple of matches are made at the Savai.

Move over "Ten Downing Street".