Sunday, June 05, 2005

Disposable paper crisis

One reason for the relative quiet surrounding PT-barbs is because the supplement is half of what of used to be. Perhaps they took the advice of some of the star-nutritionists featured on the pages too far. Take today's PTOI for instance - it has just 4 pages. The inner pages are all ads & multiplex schedules & events & cartoons. The back page is the usual cut-paste glamour snippets.

After having been repeatedly told that "Punekars love to Party", we see no evidence of the same. Perhaps this is the off-season.

There has been a lesser waste of forests these last few months - how and why? Pretty soon, this blog will have to be shut down - Help!


Blogger ex-PT said...

So the news is out! Pradeep Thakur, in less than two years of holding office as editor of Pune Times is fired! And the ex-PT team is raising a toast.
Here are some juicy tid bits.
Last few weeks Thakur played the cool guy pretending like everything was going surprisingly well. He stopped caring much about content, which in his words should have been wondderrrfull (pronounced exactly like that in his Bihari or whatever accent). It was anything but that. He stopped interfering much and played good cop to his staff who were contemplating that he's going insane. That was then.
After he seemed to have convinced everyone that he had changed for the better, Thakur sat his staff down a few days back and broke the news to them. "I wanted a transfer to another city, and Times refused to do that. That's why I am leaving to choose one of the better offers that I have received," he claimed. The staff dint buy any of that, not even for a minute. Why would they? His lies preceed his reputation. White lies mostly, but lies nevertheless.
Thakur was a self-confessed Pune lover. He had become a loyal pet of many Page 3 people in Pune, most notably, Subhash Sanas, Seema Malthotra and Anupam Kapil. And was making 'good money'. He certainly had no plans to leave on his own accord.

Now, consider some other facts. All, except one person of the PT staff remained after he stepped in last Feb. That too because he licked that employee’s ass, ego and everything else he possibly could. He made more enemies than any underworld don could in a year, managed to make a complete joker out of himself among Pune's page three guys, and gained a reputation of being a boor among peers. Any guesses why Thakur isn't sitting in his office chair feeling smug this morning?
Just one.
Given the choices, what could Thakur possibly have done. Put his tail between his legs and run back to Delhi? Well, that's right. And no brownie points for getting that one!
We aren't sadists, but we aren't angels either. Thakur got what he deserved, and we are happy to hear that. Back to celebrating!

10:46 PM  
Blogger Ramanand said...

Interesting, ex-PT - now will this have any beneficial effect on the essential PT-ness of the PTOI?

9:08 AM  
Blogger Sareer said...

Even I know Mr.Pradeep Thakur.He is not only a very nice journalist but a lovely human as well.The blogger who has written nonsence must be some body with ill brain otherwise he would not have acted like this.
I think the ill blogger is jealous and must have been punished,by Thakur as editor at Pune, for doing no work.Any ways such disgusting pieces are hardly believed and taken serious hence will not affect the highly reputed journalist.I wish all the best to Pradeep Thakur

12:23 PM  

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