Friday, June 10, 2005

The thing about the PTOI is that apart from being party-peepers, their film stories usually get their trivia wrong in large patches. Apart from writing pseudo-intimate stuff about stars and using a lot of "we think" sub-phrases to indicate a close orbit, they have stuff like the following that appeared in today's PTOI (last page, if you're that motivated):

REMEMBER the bearded guy who made his debut into Hindi films with Ram Gopal Varma’s first underworld saga: Satya? He was Chakravarty. Although he did not become a popular Bollywood actor, he has his own fan following down South.

Now anyone who has watched the RGV canon will instantly notice the massive gaffe - in that, Chakravarthy (with the South Indian *h* I'm sure) was around in Shiva. Plus the usual "blah blah down South". I wonder if any Malayali or Tamil would pick Chakravarthy over their other local options to be fans of. Not that J.D.C doesn't deserve it.


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